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Time to Reflect?

2020 has been an extraordinary year and we’ve all had to make changes to our lives. Many people have been furloughed for extended periods, whilst others have lost their jobs or businesses. Those fortunate enough to remain in gainful employment may have had to spend most of the year working from home, which brought its own stresses and difficulties, like trying to remain productive while home schooling children or looking after dependents. For some people, loneliness and isolation have been a huge challenge.

For many, though, working from home has brought some blessed relief, not least from the dreaded commute, or the regular travel for meetings.

As the year comes to an end, many of us are reflecting on what we’ve learned from the experience and are actively rethinking our priorities for work and home life.

Has my health and wellbeing improved since I have been working from home? Have I enjoyed more free time to spend with my family, or pursuing interests I have neglected for years? Have I missed the cut and thrust of work, the structure of the corporate environment, the routine? Or has the lockdown made me realise that I was on a hamster wheel from which I couldn’t escape? Maybe I feel undervalued in my current role and want to secure a promotion.

Time to reflect is so often a luxury we don’t have in our busy lives. But it is so important, to make that space to determine our priorities, recognise our strengths and development needs, and understand whether the work we do aligns as far as possible with our values and beliefs. Having time to reflect is at the heart of making sense of our lives, and of making the best of our careers.

Coaching is a powerful way of creating that time and space for reflection – of holding a mirror up to our lives. It offers dedicated time and support to consider what is working. And what isn’t. Finding solutions to difficult challenges. Working out what is important and prioritising our goals. And developing realistic plans to achieve them.

2020 has caused many of us to reflect on our priorities, and to think about whether we are content with our lot. Is now the time to take control of your future?

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