What Clients Have Said


‘I am a transport planner with 5 years experience in the field. Jeremy has recently provided a series of coaching sessions for me to put in place a career development plan.

Jeremy has provided a very structured and considered approach to these sessions; firstly helping me clarify how I want my career to progress and how to balance this with other ambitions in my personal life; he then helped to understand my strengths, weaknesses and values in a series of structured exercises – this allowed me to realise what is important to me in my career; finally through effective challenge and posing considered questions Jeremy has helped me to put together an action plan to achieve my ambitions over the next 5-10 years.

Jeremy’s knowledge of the transport and infrastructure field, his coaching experience and  understanding of the prerequisites for effective leadership have enabled him to pose considered questions, challenge preconceptions and help me gain a better understanding of my future career path. This in turn has helped me to develop a robust and considered plan including the necessary skills, experience and traits required to achieve this.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jeremy for his expertise in coaching to support professionals in the transport and infrastructure sector to achieve their goals. Jeremy’s coaching has given me the confidence to secure a promotion to a transport strategy and planning manager role.

CW, West Yorkshire

Brilliant.  Jeremy was there at the right time for me and helped me make good decisions.  Granted, I'd already made some decisions without his help but he reassured me and helped me see I'd made the right ones.  He asked open questions and helped me come to conclusions myself (applying for new job, how to manage a tricky relationship).  He was friendly and supportive, while maintaining professionalism.

JS, Leeds

I found Jeremy to be supportive and skilled at helping me focus and think of alternative ways forward.  Our coaching was ahead of a period of transition while I changed jobs, so goals tended to be more short-term. But Jeremy helped frame goals and ended each session by summarising agreed actions which was helpful. That we knew each other prior to coaching meant that I had a tendency to be unstructured but Jeremy was conscious of this and tried to introduce structure and keep us focused.  He found a good balance between being client-led and focussing me.  I found coaching with Jeremy to be helpful and constructive. His supportive and encouraging style helped me feel safe enough to explore difficult and emotional issues.

LH, Cheshire

Overall the coaching experience was  very good and useful.  I felt it really helped me through the key issues and setbacks I have in my day-to-day working life, and helped me put in ways to deal with these to have a more positive working experience.  It was good mixture of listening and helping myself to understand some of the deeper reasons for how I feel in my working and personal environment and then also providing me with practical ways to overcome these.  I found that I often realised and shared certain feelings that I didn't even realise I had, so I feel that the coaching sessions were really helpful in delving deeper into understanding myself.

For me I think one of the main goals was to try and understand the blockers I had which contribute towards a lack of motivation I feel which stems from not always being able to influence things I would like to in the industry I work in and also how to become more resilient in my day to day role.  I think the coaching really helped me to understand why I tend to sometimes become frustrated and demotivated and struggle with resilience and Jeremy helped me put in place some ways to view these things in a different light so I could cope withh these issues better.

EW, Leeds