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My name is Jeremy Bloom and I currently live in Leeds.  I began my career journey in 1990, when I started my 30 year career in transport and infrastructure strategy, development and delivery.  As a successful leader in organisations such as London Underground, Highways England, Network Rail and in Transport Consultancy, I found that the most rewarding aspects of my job were developing and empowering others and seeing their careers blossom.  I quickly learned that focusing on people, developing their skills and helping them to achieve their potential was the most important factor in creating high performing organisations.  Unfortunately, I found that most organisations prioritised "tasks" and "process".  But I continued to do what I believed in.  It wasn't always easy, but I think it is vital to stay true to your values, and my teams were always amongst the most engaged, whilst I was delighted to see many of the young professionals I managed go on to greater things.  My successful track record in developing the teams I led enouraged me to qualify as a coach, which I achieved in 2019, when I successfully completed training under  the Institute of Leadership and Management (Level 5) and became accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (UK).  I am now an independent Consultant and Development Coach focused on helping others to solve their challenges and achieve their potential.

I'm fortunate to have been involved in some of the country's most challenging and high profile infrastructure projects and to have set up new departments and developed organisational and individual capability.  And now, I enjoy being able to use the knowledge, skills and experience I have gained in my career, along with the coaching skills and tools I have learned, to help others with their career and life challenges.  And especially, to help the next generation of leaders to deal with complexity and unlock their potential.

I also help organisations to deliver some of their most challenging projects by providing strategic advice across the transport sector and using my coaching skills to support problem-solving and encourage the sustainable development of their people.

I am passionate about what I do and like to build a rapport with people to understand their needs and provide support.  My focus is to provide the framework and tools to enable clients to find solutions for themselves, but I will occasionally use my experience to provide some mentoring, based on my career experience, when appropriate do so.  Above all, I want tohelp people to achieve their aspirations.

I'm also a husband and father to two fantastic children, who regularly challenge and inspire me. Along with a rather spoiled cavapoo called Jess, they've all been an important part of my career and life journey. And they continue to help me learn and develop, and to keep my feet firmly on the ground!